Five reasons to start with DIRIMOTE

DIRIMOTE is a technology for software developers and creative agencies. It transmutes user smartphones into versatile remote controls by simply scanning the DIRICODE. Integrating DIRIMOTE to your software unveils a whole new dimension of user interactivity to you:

  1. Interactivity through windows and over long distances
  2. No more need for input periphery (and its ongoing replacement costs)
  3. Access built-in smartphone sensors for enhanced controls (like accelerometer or GPS)
  4. Access built-in smartphone connectors like Facebook, Phone or Mail
  5. Free-to-use for evaluational and personal projects. (Please contact us about commercial licensing.)

Get started

Integration could not be easier

DIRIMOTE is incredibly easy to set up. Just follow these three steps below and you're ready to go:

  1. Download the FREE DIRIMOTE SDK    [ GitHub | ZIP ]
  2. Import as3/lib/libDirimote.swc into your project
  3. Get a DIRIMOTE App ID here

API Documentation

Complete DIRIMOTE Wiki

DIRIMOTE has a complete documentation that is always up to date. For questions about anything DIRIMOTE you can always contact us directly.


Free and Powerful

The DIRIMOTE SDK for developers provides easy to use classes and methods to get DIRIMOTE functionality into your own applications.

The Adobe Flash SDK can be used in FlashDevelop, FlashBuilder, Adobe Flash Professional CC and any other Flash IDE that supports SWC libs. It allows the creation of event applications running on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Further SDKs supporting additional languages and frameworks are already in development. You can download the lastest SDK below:

Further SDKs supporting additional languages and frameworks are under way.


Full Remote Control Pipeline

DIRIMOTE saves a lot of time and effort by providing the full remote control pipeline:

  • automatically generates DIRI-Codes
  • takes care of connection and session handling
  • effortless communication between smartphone and applications
  • easily receive input events from the controller and code your custom response
  • publicly available device clients (Apps) for iOS and Android
  • predefined and custom controller layouts for D-Pad, buttons and touch-area
  • multi-user support

Platform Flexibility

Windows, Mac and Linux

The DIRIMOTE SDK is portable to every OS and already running on any Windows, Mac and Linux machine. DIRIMOTE is simple and allows for a fast connection and interaction with every DIRIMOTE enabled software, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Typical applications are:

  • Interactive Shop Window Elements (Moving plattforms, etc.)
  • Interactive Product Information (Flick through products, wishlist, etc.)
  • Interactive Mini Games for more than one players (Games of Skill, Quizzes, etc.)
  • Displays in Shop Windows
  • Displays and Terminals for Roadshows
  • Displays and Terminals for Fairs and Company Tours
  • Digital Billboards for fairs (indoor and outdoor)