The DIRIMOTE-Experience

Discover a new dimension of user interactivity

DIRIMOTE is a technology for software developers and creative agencies. It turns every smartphone into a versatile ad-hoc remote control. By scanning a code on another device, it instantly connects to it and displays all required input elements.

DIRIMOTE is a perfect add-on for all kind of public displays and terminals, without the need for other input periphery. But you can also use it for every other purpose you might think of; as long as your device is connected to the internet, you can make it controllable with DIRIMOTE.

How People use DIRIMOTE

It's easy and versatile

  • Shop windows

    Let your customers browse through your products, even when the shop is closed.

  • Events & Billboards

    Create amazing interactive events without any need for expensive input periphery like touch screens or gesture controls.

  • Fairs & Museums

    Develop indoor terminals and enable your visitors to control content and games.

  • Remote Controls

    Make any object that is connected to the internet controllable via DIRIMOTE.

Why you should use DIRIMOTE

Advantages upgrading your devices to support DIRIMOTE

  • Cost reduction

    Completely eliminates the need for input periphery

  • Intuitive usage

    Pointing-and-scanning of diricodes just "feels right"

  • Long-range control

    We can't wait for the first interactive apps to run on Times Square billboards

  • One-fits-all

    Users can simply scan another diricode to control something completely different

  • Hygiene

    Don't want to touch what others touched? Using DIRIMOTE, the exhibit is controlled only with a user's personal mobile device

Enhanced connectivity

DIRIMOTE makes user interactivity truly personal

Want to encourage your users to save and share their experience? As they control your device with their own mobile device, social connections are already in place. You can add connectivity to all features that modern smartphones provide: Social connectivity, phone and mail access, shopping lists, calendar appointments, web links and much more.

At conventional public terminals your users might refuse to log into their facebook account, no matter how trustworthy you make it look. But with DIRIMOTE, they won't have to: Their smartphone is already logged in and ready to go.